Terms & Conditions

Please read all the terms and conditions carefully as the use of any service by any user will taken as acceptance and compliance with all the terms and conditions.


(Strictly applicable on all purchases by users at www.designerworld.co.in)



All the orders will shipped within 4-10 business days, after the date of order placed. Shipping charges are applied as mentioned with the product. Coupon codes are only valid only up to a limited time period as mentioned in it. DESIGNERWORLD  has all the rights reserved to change or cancel the promotion at its discretion. Any of the fraudulent activities such as aliasing, creation of duplicate accounts, placing multiple orders or any type of violation of the terms and conditions will lead to the cancellation of the placed order.


Use of Coupons

The coupons should be redeemed easily by simply applying the codes within is validity time period while placing an order. All the coupons are separately applicable and can’t apply combinely with any other coupons on the complete product in the cart. Coupons are applied on the selected products or items only till stock last. Coupon codes are not redeemed for the affiliates & on any other alliances offers. For the reduced price, none of the third party coupons are applied. All the coupon codes are only valid on a product per user. DESIGNERWORLD has all rights reserved for change and cancellation of all the coupons at its discretion.


Free shipping on purchases

Free shipping is applicable for most of the products on the complete website. Delivery charges are applied only on the selected items as mentioned below the price of product. On all the volumetric products such as AC, laptops, coolers etc. shipping charges are reduced.



User Password, Account, and Security:

User has the authority of an account designation only after completing the website’s registration process. It’s the responsibility of the user to maintain confidentiality of his account and password. The user is liable to logout after using his account every time; the website is not at all responsible for the account misuse in any case.


Channel Subscription:

By providing data, the user is agreed to communicate us through the means of SMS, email or through voice call. When required, we may use the data to provide alert of promotional offers.


No Compensation Policy:

If quality of any of the product, information, service or any of the purchased items will not meet the expectations of the user than website is not liable to provide any kind of compensation. The user can only get refund, return or exchange of the item or product.


Links to any of the Third Party sites:

All the external links at the website are not related to EydaHome.com in any form. EydaHome.com is not responsible for any kind of transmission and inconvenience you find on the linked sites. The users should verify and trust all the information available at the linked websites at their own level.



All the prices are mentioned with the products only. There are no hidden charges other than the shipping charges (wherever applicable are written clearly). But the user is liable to check final order price before making the order and accept it.


Cancellation of loss of Business / Fraudulent Orders

For a secure and safe shopping experience, we regularly monitor the transactions of all the products by every user. If any user found as fraudulent then the website has reserved all the rights to cancel his placed orders. This is also applicable to all the bulk order parties. Any customer will be called as fraudulent, if he satisfies any one of the following criteria:


All the customers who don’t revert back for the payment verification mails.

Customer who fail to show required documents during payment verification.

Customers who misuse the email and phone of other users.

Those who give incorrect contact no. and emails.

Customer returns the wrong or incorrect product during the replacement or return.

Customers who don’t pay for the placed order.



A customer is considered as loss of business, if he met the following conditions:

Customers who posses high rate of returning products.

Incomplete/Invalid addresses.

Those who make repeated requests of monetary compensation for the simple yet little issues.

Website has reserved all the rights to block account of the customers who come under the loss to business or fraudulent criteria.


Cancellation of the Bulk Orders

Designerworld.co.in has all rights for cancellation of bulk orders, if the orders are met with the following criteria.

Orders made for commercial resale instead of ordered for self consumption.

For the same product, multiple orders are placed at the same address.

Orders with same product in Bulk.