Return Policy

Return Policy

'Return' is the process of giving any purchased item back by the buyer to the supplier or seller. An item is eligible for a return in the following cases:


·         Item was found defective

·         Item damaged during its Shipping

·         Item don’t found in the packet or missing

·         Wrong/Incorrect item sent by Seller.

Some important points for the returns:


A seller has to accept the returned item at any cost.

If the seller would disagree for the return request than a buyer has the right to file a complaint against him and intimate the EydaHome.

A buyer should review the listings before placing an order as in case a wrong item is purchased than the buyer is not entitled for any kind of refund or return. In case of a refund, a buyer has to make a refund request within 2 days of releasing the payment. After making a request, the buyer has to tell the appropriate reason for the return or refund.

Once the seller would accept the return request of an item than the buyer has to return the product first. When the seller receives the product or item than the amount to be returned would get deposited directly in the bank account of the buyer.


The return of products should be as per the following conditions and a customer should satisfy the following criteria


The product should be included in as it was condition with all its accessories.

If the items or products are not as according to the above mentioned parameters than the buyer is liable of not getting any kind of refund.

The shipping cost of the product should be incurred by the seller only.


 Return with Replacement


Replacement is a process of replacing or exchange of an item or product with another item. Any of the buyer can request for the replacement of the product if he or she don’t find the product satisfactory, get damaged product due to shipping, get defective product, find item missing in the box, get incorrect item delivered and likewise any other thing.


For the replacement of an item, the buyer should intimate the team or seller within 3 days from the delivery of product or item. In the intimation, the buyer should have to indicate that he want a replacement of the product and give a specific reason for the return. The request for return is sent to the seller, for his approval or rejection. Once the request is approved by the seller, then the buyer has to return the product first and then only the seller will release the replaced product.


In case, the seller rejects replacement request than the buyer can write to DESIGNER WORLD team for the solution of the disagreement.

If the seller don’t have product in stock or at all than the seller is liable to provide refund to the buyer and the buyer has to accept the return for replacement.

Seller should have to respond for replacement request raised by the buyer within 3 days from the date of replacement, if a seller don’t do this, then the refund is processed in favour of the Buyer and the seller is liable to pay the requisite amount.

All kinds of return, replacement and shipping charges are incurred and borne by the seller.

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